Stock control and dispensing FAQs

Vending Machine FAQs

If my company just want to try out a machine, how long do I need to try it for?

We recommend a three-month trial if possible, as this will provide you with enough time to evaluate the usage. Of course, this is dependent on your circumstances and the objectives of the trial.

If we want to keep the machine, is it best to rent or buy?

Once you are happy that we have found the best solution for your business, we can offer a range of options. If you plan to make vending a permanent feature of your supply chain, we recommend outright purchase which can be done in a number of ways.

What after sales service do you provide?

Our excellent after sales services includes support for data analysis, and management of user and product changes. All our machines are supported by a service package supplied through our service partner.

The website mentions about reports – how will these help me? Are they easy to run off?

Reports enable you to track all sorts of valuable data, including product usage by location and user – in other words, you can ensure that the right personnel are getting access to the right equipment when they need it.

This information is available on line and can be easily exported for further analysis.

Custom reports are available and can be viewed online or as an exported file.

Our machines will be for public use – do they have to be grey?

Our machines are usually offered in either black or grey. Other colours are available to order or machines can be wrapped in vinyl to fit your branding, provide messages or to stand out.

What if the machine breaks down – how quickly can someone get to me to repair it?

Our standard response is 48 working hours for an engineer visit. We also offer telephone fixes and user training which will enable users to clear most common faults.

Are the machines only accessed by PIN or cash? Can we use our company ID cards?

Access to our machines is usually through a user card. We can offer pin number access and also card and pin. In some instances, we can accept an onsite user card but this is done outside of a trial and as a standalone project.

How do I know you can vend the products we use?

We offer a product testing service. Simply provide us with samples of products you wish to manage and we will evaluate them and suggest the most suitable machine. Using our showroom machines, we will prepare a unit for evaluation so that you can see it working firsthand.

Can I see the equipment before I commit to a trial or purchase?

We have a fully equipped showroom in Buckingham where you are welcome to come along and evaluate the machine range.

I-pos FAQs

Who can access the I-pos stock system?

I-pos is accessed through an online login. Each login can be customised to provide either all or some of the following capability:

  • Issue products
  • Receive replenishment
  • Add or delete products from the system
  • Create replenishment requests
  • View usage history
  • Export activity data for analysis

How many suppliers can I manage with the I-pos system?

You are able to manage as many suppliers as you need to provide products to your stock room.

How many products can I manage?

There is no limit to the number of lines you can manage with the system. All products are categorized by product groups and types making it easier for users to search for them.

Can I manage who has access to certain products within the system?

Access to specific products can be restricted to approved users only. A combination of permissions can be established to cope with individuals or groups of users.

What support is available to anyone using the system?

We provide comprehensive system training to all new users; we also offer support by e-mail and telephone.

Are there different methods for issuing items from the stock room?

Items can be issued straight out of the stock room to a cost centre, department or project. Items can also be posted to a pick list to be issued by the stores as ready for collection.