Why choose e-Tradeway for your stock control and dispensing needs?

If your organisation uses consumable products of any kind, whether they are items of high usage, high value or of strategic importance, or used locally, remotely or at multiple locations, then our services and systems will help to monitor when and how these products are used.

By working with e-Tradeway, you have the confidence of knowing that replenishments are available and that every item is achieving its expected product life.

We can help you ensure that the right people have access to the right products 24 hours a day, and provide online reporting for all of our services across single sites or multiple locations that you can track and analyse the efficiency of your stock control.

We will reduce your costs. This is how:

  • Product usage is more visible to users and managers
  • Giving you confidence that products will be resupplied
  • It is no longer necessary to hold private stock in reserve
  • Evaluate the usage of products to ensure that the best product life is being obtained
  • Build up a clear picture of usage
  • Give your supply partners real volumes to obtain the most cost effective replenishment process
  • Compare the performance of alternative products
  • Implement usage limits by users, groups or time periods

We will improve your efficiency. This is how:

  • Have point of use stock
  • Staff no longer have to go to the main stocking point
  • Stock can be accessed 24/7 so they are available whenever required
  • By automating the replenishment process
  • Managers can view replenishment activity without the need for manual intervention
  • Delegate merchandising to third parties

We will increase your revenue. This is how:

  • Automated stock points provide access to products at multiple locations at all times of the day
  • Release your resources so that you can concentrate on higher value opportunities
  • Cost savings achieved by better product management and improved efficiency can be retained in the business or reinvested in other projects

e-Tradeway team