Dispensers & industrial vending machines

Choosing the right dispenser or industrial vending machines for your business can help you find the best way to manage your inventory and make sure that staff can access essential equipment throughout your enterprise.

Through e-Tradeway, you have a choice of dispensing machines that are:

  • Reliable – Our machines use the minimum number of moving parts to ensure consistent performance. In the unlikely event of a problem, all of our hardware can be easily maintained and reconfigured.
  • Versatile – We can bring together a combination of different dispensing areas, trays, spirals and belt options to give you a machine that effectively dispenses your chosen items. We can even safely dispense fragile or heavy items from the top shelf of the machine using a smart waiter.
  • Robust – Our machines weigh approximately 335kg, thanks to a combination of stainless steel and heavy gauge materials. This ensures that the machine resists external attempts to move it.
  • Innovative – We use the latest technology, so that you can choose to offer open access to all staff or users, or control access to specific people, products or quantities.
  • Secure – We use a central locking system with a five-part interlocking mechanism, which means that the machine and the products it contains are as secure as possible against unauthorised access.
  • Enabled – Our dispenser and vending machines are designed to report all their activity to a secure server, from which you can view or download comprehensive reports.

We offer a choice of spiral dispensers and belt machines for items such as industrial consumables, safety items, first aid supplies, laboratory supplies, office equipment, tool and components.

To ensure that you are using the best dispenser for your business, you are welcome to visit our showroom to help you decide.

By booking a free consultation in advance of your visit, we can find out more about your dispensing needs and, using some of your product samples, prepare a machine so that you can see it in action before you buy.

We even offer a trial rental service, so that you can see how the proposed vending solutions work on single or multiple sites within your organisation.