Streamlining Stores Issues


E-tradeway reviewed the process for issuing and replenishing essential consumable products from a managed storeroom at a large manufacturing facility. We also looked at the associated administration process.


The company used a paper process to manage its consumable products. Cell leaders would walk to the stores with paper requisition forms. This meant that on occasions time was lost while cell leaders waited for their consumables to be picked. It also meant that the stores could be under pressure from multiple requests at the same time or waiting for work.

Each request was manually processed with updates of available stock made on a master record. Replenishment of the consumable items was completed by a manual stock count and order. This meant that stock outs were a possibility and that usage histories were created manually.

There were also instances of some items exceeding their usable shelf life (SLE) and having to be discarded and their value written off.  

As the business had grown through the merger of a number of different organisations, there were multiple part numbers for the same item causing confusion in product selection.

The challenge was to:
  • To simplify the issuing and control of consumable items that have been supplied
  • Reduce the quantity of items that require disposal due to shelf life expiration
  • Reduce waiting times for shop floor operators
  • Operate a paperless system
  • Have stock holding figures available to all cells on the shop floor
  • Consolidation of part numbers with ability to maintain links to historic stock numbering

We suggested that the company use a version of our I-pos (Internet Point of Supply) tool. This could eliminate stores’ waiting time by enabling the cell leaders to prepare a pick note request online from their desk.

We enabled each user to search products by multiple part numbers and to also be able to view the current stock available in the stores. Once the pick note was finished, it would then be posted to the stores and queued ready for picking and distribution.


 I-Pos stock control