NHS Stock Management - Derby Royal Hospital


Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has worked with e-Tradeway to develop an innovative, but effective and straight forward, stock management system to address several problems: the lack of crucial resuscitation equipment being accessible at all times, a mismatch of suitable available products for staff needs and the waste of resources as well as budget.

Patient Care and Safety were enhanced by Procurement

By working with the Procurement department, the above noted problems were rectified.

This has been through:

  • Standardised approved products being available 24/7 – avoiding staff being faced with unfamiliar equipment at a time of crisis
  • Automatic management of stock dates - avoiding stock going out of date
  • Restocking in a timely fashion – avoiding items being out of stock
  • Efficient budget management – avoiding wasting ‘pay’ budget.


The award-winning solution provided by e-Tradeway was to install a state of the art, centrally located vending machine stocking key products.

After the establishment of a steering committee and the identification of these key products, Derby Teaching Hospital and its Procurement Department presented a business case to their Finance Director.

The vending machine was initially trialled for a period of time in order to develop the best solution. This included both the products and the way the machine worked. The system was then tailored to specifically enable ‘frontline clinical services’ to be protected, including contributing to patient safety whilst also creating savings.

The Vending Machine has proved to be a huge success:

  • Giving 24/7 reliability - backed by engineering support and training
  • Providing back office reporting - aiding inventory management
  • Is self-financing – therefore justifying the investment
  • Staff are engaged and continue to feedback with equipment ideas.

All leading to improved patient care and outcome!

“It’s simple, it makes sense, it works!” Mark Cannell, Royal Derby Hospital, Lead Nurse: Risk & Clinical Governance

The Way Forward

After the success with the initial machine, there is a desire to grow the number of vending machines; both on the main hospital site and also at the local community hospital.

The current offering will be further developed by introducing Lockers and Cabinets with a Touch Screen interface, linking into a central data hub, allowing larger items to be dispensed.


Right product, in the right place, at the right time - 'Releasing time to care'